"Ah, I drank. Insatiably I drank.
But I was filled up also, with too much
world, and, drinking, I myself ran over." - Rilke

This is a blog dedicated to my few hedonistic delights, so expect a lot of John Simm, David Tennant, tongue-in-cheek objectification of the human form, and smutty gifs. And the rare moment of substance.

In real life, I'm a quiet, socially repressed, asexual academic. You can call me toodlepip or V.



Parks and Recreation + Avengers AU!! All credit to Alycia for showing me this post and giving me ideas! (my apologies for the length of this post - i wasn’t sure how to arrange it so it’d be readable!)



These are by aledlewis! I’ve got a book of ‘em, they’re great.

One of my dreamy dream SPX guests.

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When I was still a student in school, I’d always get horrible anxiety the day before the first day of class. Somehow, it seems unfair that I still get anxiety as a teacher before the first day of class.

Rules: If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.Find out what characters share the same personality type as you hereand list the characters that you find relevant. Optional: tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

So, I got INFP with Turbulent varient, but I don’t see that listed, so here are INFP characters:

I’ll take it!

You know what’s awesome?

Getting your car back from the body shop only to find that, while they fixed the thing, they broke a different thing.

But who needs to open the passenger door from the outside, anyway?